The Dutch Society for Hand Therapy (NVHT) has developed a system of hand therapy accreditation granting of a ‘Certificate of Hand Therapy’ (CHT-NL). The “Hand Therapist Profile” is used as a basis for the development of this certificate.

To apply, applicants must fill out an online application form. Besides the general CV and working experience, points are granted in various areas of hand therapy competence or expertise. These areas are: “working experience”, “knowledge, skills and education in the field of hand therapy” and “contribution to the field of hand therapy (presentations, publications, active role within the Dutch society)”. At least 100 points must be achieved to meet the criteria.

‘Certificaat Handtherapeut’ (CHT-NL)

  • Licensed as a physical or occupational therapist.
  • Member of the Dutch Society for Hand Therapy (NVHT) for at least one year.
  • Working experience as a general physical or occupational therapist for at least 5 years.
  • Working experience in the field of hand therapy for at least 1800 hours during the last 3-5 years.
  • Specialized knowledge, skills and education in the field of hand therapy. At least 60 points must be achieved in this area. If a Dutch therapist has passed the American HTCC exam all 60 points are assigned. Hand therapists may develop their knowledge and skills via NVHT-recognized courses. These courses are given by independent hand therapy education companies and universities. More experienced therapists may gain educator points through lecturing at NVHT-approved courses.
  • Contributions to the field of hand therapy. For this component at least 20 out of the required 100 points should be obtained. Points can be achieved with: national and international presentations, publications in the Dutch hand therapy journal or in an international journal, and playing an active role within the Dutch society (being a member of the board or of committees for at least 3 years). All activities should be performed during the immediately preceding 5 years.

the Dutch Societies for Hand Therapy and Hand Surgery recognize the CHT-NL credential. Unfortunately, the Dutch government and the Dutch Occupational and Physical Therapy societies do not yet recognize it. We are still working towards government recognition of hand therapy as a specialty area with a separate fee schedule for billing. Until that time, occupational and physical therapists certified as hand therapists must bill their services at the same pre-defined government regulated rate as all other therapists

the CHT-NL credential is valid for 5 years; a renewal process is in place with continuing education and professional activity criteria that must be met in order to renew certification for another 5 years.

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